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It’s a busy world and stress comes with being well, busy. As people do what they can to sleep in the most natural way possible, treating disorders like insomnia have become the focus. One of the most talked-about alternatives to medications and other medical sleep aids is CBD. No one wants the long list of side effects that come with prescribed medications, and with the best CBD brands, you may be able to find another method that’s useful for you.

Did you know that using CBD to assist you with your sleep dates back to Chinese medicinal books in 1200AD? There’s a substantial history of reports that show CBD may help those with insomnia. Today, the best CBD on the market is exploding in popularity, and it is for good reason. There is a lot of research right now that is emerging to show that CBD is currently under the microscope, specifically for its capabilities for helping people to sleep

Why Is CBD Good For Sleep?

Many are aware that the best CBD brands have products that work as anti-inflammatories. Studies suggest that it reduces inflammation in the body that links to anxiety and stress as well as other chronic conditions. Being able to relax your body is a critical component in being able to sleep, and those who are dealing with insomnia will finally be able to find some rest with the best CBD products.

As you may know, CBD is not a psychoactive component, so if you take higher dosages there’s no need to worry about adverse effects while sleeping or otherwise. Utilizing suggested doses of CBD is recommended and may help your sleep. The good news is that you can’t overdose on it or negatively impact your sleep or your health. The initial feeling of relaxation that CBD gives you puts you into a state where you can sleep better and deeper. When you first fall asleep, your patterns will be all over the place, but eventually, they settle, and your deeper sleep patterns start to improve. The best part is that CBD products are – with controlled dosing – suitable for long-term daily use if you have insomnia and need some help with your sleep.

What Does The Research Say?

Most people know that CBD is a molecule that is naturally occurring, and the body can identify it quickly. They don’t always know that according to research, the uptake and absorbability means that your body can immediately respond to its effects within ten to twenty minutes. When you take it to help you with your sleep, your body accepts it and uses it with your endocannabinoid system quickly. This allows you access to much better sleep, and the best CBD oil can help you to increase your REM cycle and the cycles of a deep sleep, reducing your insomnia.

The research shows that 66.7% of those with poor sleep saw much-improved sleep when they used CBD.

What CBD Products Are Best For Sleep?

Those looking for help with their sleep are better off looking for the best CBD oil. It can be ingested with oils, multivitamin and even the best CBD tinctures out there has a potent effect. Some of the best CBD products include the following to relax enough to sleep:

Lavender Bath Bomb

The blend of pure lavender essential oil and CBD can make you feel relaxed, and what better way to help your insomnia than with a relaxing bath right before bed? The Planet M CBD bath bombs are infused delicately to improve the balance between essential oils and CBD, and they have the non-psychoactive full spectrum CBD, keeping you at ease all night long. 


Tinctures can be placed directly under the tongue for fast absorption. These come in lemon, mint, and natural flavors, and are designed to improve your overall health while relaxing you enough to sleep well at night.

The best thing that you can do for your insomnia is to research the products that you think could help, and test them out for yourself. You deserve a relaxing night of sleep, and one way to do that is to try CBD and see whether it will help you with your insomnia. At Planet M, we created a multitude of products ranging from topicals to edibles and tinctures, so there is something for everyone.


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