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The widespread legalization of cannabis and CBD products has introduced a whole new audience to the benefits of using CBD products. Millions are now using CBD on a daily basis for many different reasons. You could too.

Here’s everything you need to know about daily CBD usage in the modern-day.

What is CBD?

CBD is just one of over 100 different compounds known as cannabinoids found in cannabis. CBD isn’t the chemical that produces the ‘high’ associated with cannabis (much like THC), but focuses on helping the body regulate its naturally occurring endocannabinoids. For example, it stops the body from absorbing the pain-regulating anandamide compound.

As such, CBD may be used for pain management and to control discomfort. It may help with anxiety disorders and mental health-related conditions along with chronic pains, schizophrenia, and even fighting opioid addiction. 

Is it safe to use CBD daily?

CBD products don’t provide the psychoactive high. When choosing the best CBD oil and best CBD edible products, Planet M has the best of both. It is recommended when consuming CBD to use regularly, as it is safe to use them daily. However, the products should be used in a responsible manner at all times. Read each product’s label for more information on how to use and dose with. 

Meanwhile, it’s important to understand the different types of CBD. The main classes are:

CBD isolate –  a purified CBD molecule.

Full-spectrum – which includes CBD and other phytocannabinoids such as THC, CBN, THCA, CBC, and CBG.

Broad-Spectrum – which includes CBD and all other phytocannabinoids apart from THC.

Nano CBD – CBD molecules are reduced to under 100nm.

At Planet M our products are made with CBD isolate and full-spectrum CBD oil. The type of CBD product, as well as the dosage levels, will depend on the reason for using it, as well as the frequency and severity of any symptoms that may be experienced. Speaking to an expert is highly advised.

What CBD products are available?

CBD oil is perhaps the best-known type of CBD product and the best CBD oils can be taken via ingestion and topical application. However, there are many other products available, all of which can be used in their unique ways and may support users through a host of issues.

Bath bombs are a great option for calming the nerves and aiding too calm anxiety, as well as relaxing the muscles. Our CBD topicals are also great and can be applied to the skin and may also reduce pain in a rapid manner.

CBD edibles such as multivitamin gummies are also available. They are very effective, they take longer for calming effects so keep that in mind if you’re in need of a quick fix, but what makes edibles so popular is that they are longer lasting. This may help you feel focused longer and more at ease throughout the day.

With so many options on the market, most users will enjoy a little trial and error before discovering which products may be best suited to their specific requirements. Whether they work for the individual or not, there is no reason to fear CBD for everyday usage.

You can learn more about our CBD products by visiting our product menu.

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