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As runners, what we put into our bodies can have a significant impact on our performance. That’s the main reason we tend to stick with strict eating habits and avoid everything from alcohol to coffee during “running” season. 

We bet that most runners would love to find something, like coffee, which provided ongoing energy without the notorious crash. Imagine how well you could run with a product like that. Well; we’ve got news for you. The best CBD oil could do just that. 

Recently removed from the Schedule 1 list and bumped down to Schedule 5 last year, this non-psychoactive cousin of THC has been making significant ripples in the running world. And, you may also benefit by jumping on that bandwagon. 

Balms and cooling lotions from the best CBD brands like Planet M could change your runs for good. Even better, reaching for the best CBD isolate means that you can avoid the properties of THC infused products. But, why exactly are runners running wild (pun intended) for the best CBD products right now? 

A Lasting Boost of Natural Energy 

Studies show that the best CBD tinctures and oils may strengthen body cells which are responsible for making us feel tired. Use of the best CBD hemp oil should see your stamina increasing with no risk of crashing. Even better, this all-natural boost ensures that you don’t need to consume extra sugar at a time when you need to be at optimal health. 

A better night of sleep

The sleep you get before a run also impacts performance. Which is why it’s worth noting that the best CBD oils will help you get the sleep you need when ingested in higher doses. Our CBD bath bombs are also great for relaxing the muscles and making sure you feel well-rested in the morning. This is vital for runners, as sleep is when your body produces the human growth hormone which aids muscle recovery. Not to mention that better sleep = more energy for running the next day. 

Pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties

Many runners are surprised to find that the best CBD products may also provide pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties. CBD could even tackle chronic inflammation better than ibuprofen without all the potentially damaging side effects. CBD products are also becoming a go-to in the treatment of chronic pain. By using CBD, runners can speed through recovery to get back to training as soon as possible. 

How should you use CBD?

There are so many options on the market right now, that it can be challenging to know what is the CBD product for you. For the most part, you should look out for the best CBD oil brands like Planet M. For runners, topical CBD options are typically best because they provide relief directly to muscles and joints. All the better for ensuring that you get CBD benefits right where you need them.

Curious how CBD may help your running routine? Check out our line of premium CBD products online.

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