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Any full-time worker is familiar with the 2:00pm slump. You can be full of energy and ready to go when you start in the morning, but you can guarantee you’ll be yawning by the afternoon. When you start yawning, your concentration is sure to suffer.

Of course, your boss isn’t going to accept this as an excuse for a reduction in work. If you make enough mistakes around this time, then, you could find yourself in trouble. That’s why many of us do what we can to prevent slumps like these, such as drinking coffee and eating high-sugar snacks.

Sadly, studies state that even these methods can still cause tiredness even after temporarily giving us a boost of energy. Your coffee might provide a boost at lunchtime, but you’re going to soon you may feel drowsy again.

Good news for you, there’s a new midday slump-free option coming to light to keep energy levels high all day long. We are, of course, talking about CBD. This psychoactive-free component of cannabis is becoming a standard option for many uses. There’s even a pretty high chance that gummies and tinctures from the best CBD brands like Planet M may help you through the 2pm slump.

CBD for energy

There are studies that suggest that the best CBD products may strengthen the cells which make us tired. By doing so, it’s possible that CBD will provide an all-natural energy boost without the crash. The best CBD edibles, oils and gummies are useful for energy that even top athletes started using them. If you keep falling for the afternoon slump, then, taking a dose of our tinctures at lunchtime may help.

CBD for increased focus and clarity

Energy isn’t the only benefit CBD users are finding to keep themselves on top all day. Studies also suggest that the best CBD edible products could improve focus. If you struggle to concentrate on the screen during afternoons, then, Planet M’s CBD gummies could be for you.

As well as increasing focus and energy, the CBD may also help with your mental clarity. That’s because studies show CBD actually promotes neurogenesis in the brain. In other words, it literally aids the production of brain cells. That could go a long way towards helping you stay focused throughout the workday.

Which products are right for you?

The chances are that you already know the broad range of CBD products on the market. The next question, then, is which would be best for work use? Your best bet is to take a look at our wide range of CBD products in our online store. We offer a range of quality tinctures and gummies for easy consumption and are work-friendly. Here’s to avoiding the midday slump!

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