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It’s fair to say that we’re in something of a cannabidiol boom right now. Commonly known as CBD, this cannabis component can be used in everything from oils to bath bombs. And, as we’re now realizing, users can enjoy a whole host of potential benefits from investing in the best CBD products. 

Despite this popularity, usage is very much ahead of science when it comes to products currently offered by the best CBD brands. Studies of benefits are still in its beginning stages, and we have yet to reach any conclusive definitions of just what the best CBD oil can offer. Luckily, this doesn’t seem to be preventing users from giving CBD a chance, but more research is vital for really understanding everything the cannabinoid has to offer.

As with any product, ongoing use through studies is perhaps the most useful research tool, and the next few years should see us developing a more comprehensive picture of CBD benefits. For now, though, small-scale research efforts on the horizon could make significant ripples in proving just how beneficial the best CBD isolate can be. 

We’re incredibly excited about the revelations of CBD over the next few years. As such, we’re going to look at some of the future research efforts that stand to bring the best results for CBD moving forward.

Easier access to the CBD compound

Legality regarding CBD is perhaps the largest grey area preventing research. Despite continually changing laws surrounding the legality of cannabis, CBD is still subject to rules by the FDA and U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. What’s more, CBD produced by the marijuana plant is still in the DEAs class of restricted drugs. These limitations make access to CBD for research purposes difficult, with scientists susceptible to strict regulations regarding amount and usage. Some even have to use locked safes and provide fingerprints!

Luckily, scientists are working to break free from these limitations for improved research that still sits on the right side of the law. Hutchison and colleagues, in particular, have found a way to work around this issue with their mobile pharmacy lab, CannaVan. Instead of using restricted and unreliable lab-based CBD, they’re taking the CannaVan right to the people buying and using products from the best CBD oil brands in the real world. At the moment, they’re using this research to study anxiety and pain in relation to CBD usage, but this less restricted research view is guaranteed to grow over time. With a bit of luck, it could even highlight the need for lighter CBD research restrictions moving forward.

Athlete wellness at last

There are a fair few studies out there to suggest that CBD will help you work out better and generally improve athletic performance, but results are inconclusive. While users of the best CBD hemp oil seem to notice athletic improvements, science is still lagging. That’s why the upcoming multi-million partnership between Aurora Cannabis and UFC is so exciting.

The two organizations hope to study the health benefits of CBD on athlete recovery and wellness in UFC’s Performance Institute. This research will mostly comprise of evaluations surrounding the recovery, pain management, and mental wellness benefits of the best CBD hemp oil. Preliminary research has already revealed that CBD usage may be cardioprotective, and that’s just the beginning!

When talking about the collaboration, UFC president Dana White said, “This partnership with Aurora is an extension of that goal, and we’re looking forward to collaborating with Aurora to find new ways to improve the health and safety of athletes who compete in UFC.”

Possible cures for PTSD

The concept of cannabis products for post-traumatic stress disorder is nothing new, but studies have yet to delve into precisely how the best CBD products stand to help with this condition. Luckily, a VA-funded $1.3 million study is looking to uncover just that. 

Researchers hope to establish evidence already in existence that CBD can enhance extinction learning, a PTSD treatment that aims to decrease responses to certain stimuli. Dr. Mallory Loflin, a research scientist and assistant professor of psychiatry, is leading the study and is focusing particularly on prolonged CBD exposure. 

A final word

CBD research might be a little behind right now, but a look at upcoming studies like these suggest that science is fast on the trail of popular usage, asking essential questions like what is the best CBD oil, and what can it do for us? That’s an exciting development indeed, and it could see more people benefitting from the best CBD drops and products moving forward. Stay up-to-date on current CBD studies and trends by visiting our blog!

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