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When summer rolls around all we want to do is run outside and soak up its rays. Whether you’re going for a day at the beach or a long-awaited run; getting out is a fantastic way to enjoy a warm summer day. By providing the vitamin D that we need, the sun can even work wonders for our health. Although doctors and studies remind us, the sun can also do damage.

Prolonged excessive sun exposure can lead to issues like burning and in extreme cases, skin cancer. That’s why we all need to wear sunscreen with SPF in it before spending time outside. This summer, a new product is on the market for post “fun in the sun”. That product is CBD. 

This non-psychoactive element of cannabis is growing in popularity due to its potential medicinal benefits. Rejuvenation of the skin after sun exposure is one of them. If the evidence is anything to go by, many of us could benefit from investing in lotions from the best CBD brands like Planet M this summer. That’s because, aside from just rejuvenating our skin, the best CBD products could also bring the following possible benefits: 

Reducing inflammation on hot days

It’s no secret that the best CBD oil can be anti-inflammatory. That’s why so many athletes swear by it. But, these anti-inflammatory properties could also help on hot days. By applying the best CBD hemp oil topical, you may be able to help your body regulate oils secreted by your sebaceous glands. This is a benefit that may help you avoid the painful heat rashes or burning from excessive sun exposure. 

Fighting anti-aging

While sunscreen protects us from anti-aging by blocking the sun’s rays, the best CBD isolate may aid with anti-aging. That’s because it’s loaded with antioxidants. That means products from the best CBD oil brands can help neutralize free radicals, which lead to cell damage and aging. This alongside those anti-inflammatory benefits can ensure your skin stays fresh, even after spending time outdoors.

Healing Existing Sun Damage

While sunscreen protects against sun damage, it does little to heal already done damage. Yet, that’s just another benefit you could enjoy from using the best CBD tinctures and topicals. The best CBD products can work with the endocannabinoid system to regenerate basal cells. That can result in the reduction of wrinkles in place of more youthful and healthy skin. All while ensuring that the sun doesn’t do any more damage. 

How to Buy CBD

CBD is now on the market in many different forms. As such, you must ask yourself, ‘what is the best CBD oil or topical for sun protection?’. We recommend focussing on topical solutions like our Green Tea CBD lotion, CBD Cooling lotions or balms. You can apply these straight to your skin and experience the superpower of CBD which you’ve never been able to enjoy until now.

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