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No one thinks about the next day when they are out on the town with their friends. When you’re planning to go out and have fun, you block out the next morning worry. The hangover, the anxiety, the pain, nausea – it’s all a blur and a problem for “tomorrow you”. Alas, you’ve gone out, you’ve had a great time and got a little too acquainted with the spirits and drinks. You may have even taken a few draws on your vape pen after coming home to continue the fun of the night. It was a fantastic time, and you can’t remember ever laughing so hard.

And you’re now in the after. Those fruity cocktails may have looked so delicious last night, but the feeling you have now is not. Your body is protesting against the alcohol and the weed you introduced last night, and your serotonin levels are nose-diving while the toxins exit your system. The idea of doing anything more than trying to keep water down and go back to bed is too much, you contemplate whether more to drink will help take the pounding headache away. That’s not the best idea for your situation, but have you ever considered that what you need isn’t more to drink? Or more weed? It’s CBD.

Not Another High

Before you run into the closest bathroom, remember that we’re not talking about replacing your hangxiety low with more to give you a high. CBD is the bit of cannabis without the high; there’s nothing psychoactive about it! You’re in the morning after, which means you need to get over the hangover from the alcohol and the anxiety from the weed, and CBD has potential properties that may help. Let’s take a look:


The sickly feeling in your tummy the morning after a big night before is nausea. There’s a history of research that suggests that you can avoid nausea with CBD products. Medical Cannabis Expert based in Maine, Dr. Dustin Sulak suggests that if you still feel queasy after a night of drinking by “taking some CBD to counteract the effects”.


You need energy. Currently, you’re dragging, and you need to think about how you can get through your day. CBD products may give you more energy and help you focus, so if you’re headed to work, you can feel like something is keeping you alive!

Easy Ingestion

Planet M CBD has products from tinctures to edibles, making it easy to take the CBD you need to help you to recover from your wild night out. Tinctures go directly under the tongue and come in flavors like mint, natural, and lemon, our most refreshing flavor yet. Luckily for you, Planet M has these in stock to help!


The THC in the weed you smoked is likely to make you feel anxious and worried. When you’re feeling hungover, the last thing that you need is to feel anxiety on top of it. CBD is known to reduce anxiety. When you use the best CBD brands for your choice of CBD oil product, you can feel reassured that you are potentially reducing your anxiety levels while feeling much better at the same time.

Pain Reduction

Headaches, body aches from bar hopping and walking while drunk and even the pain in your legs from dancing the night away can all be kept in check with the right CBD products. A 2016 study suggests CBD can be effective in pain relief and inflammation. 

Will CBD Cure My Hangover?

We aren’t saying that CBD can cure the above symptoms that come with hangovers, but that you may find some products helpful the day after. Excessive drinking is never good for anyone’s health, but we’re not here to preach about your nights out – no matter how rare they may be. In saying that, if CBD can work to combat the effects of weed hangovers and alcohol hangovers, then we hope Planet M CBD products may aid you next time. It’s time to enjoy a much-needed night out with friends without the hideous after-effects. Try CBD and see if it will work for you!

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