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How to Incorporate CBD into your Exercise Routine

By May 16, 2019No Comments

When people think about improving the condition of their body for sports, substances like cannabis are usually wholly disregarded. With myths flying around cannabis such as it conjures feelings of drowsiness, confusion, and a lack of coordination, it makes sense that athletes would keep themselves away from it, especially when involved with dangerous sports. Over the last few years, though, a product which promises far more exercise benefits has been hitting the market. How exactly can a chemical like CBD improve your workout routine?

What Is CBD?

CBD is a natural chemical compound which is found in cannabis and hemp. While it has a very similar structure to THC, the psychoactive chemical in marijuana, it doesn’t affect your brain in quite the same way. THC will attach itself to many different parts of the brain, including the areas which are responsible for your memory and motor skills. CBD, on the other hand, is far more targeted. It won’t make you feel euphoric or overwhelmed, but it may provide relief from things like pain and inflammation. There is a lot of debate surrounding the real benefits of CBD products, but this post will be focusing on those which have substantial research behind it.

What Are The Benefits?

Before going to the store and picking up your CBD supplements, it’s a good idea to get an idea of the benefits it can provide. Some people will find that they have no need for it, while CBD can prove to be invaluable to others, and this makes it crucial that you do some learning from the very beginning.

Pain Relief: CBD products have been proven to reduce pain and inflammation without many of the side effects which come with opioid treatments. A recent study from the European Journal of Pain has demonstrated that CBD can provide this sort of benefit, and you can read more about this on Harvard’s website.

Appetite Stimulation: It can be tough to eat enough when you’re conditioning your body. Weight lifting requires a lot of food, though a lot of people don’t have the appetite to eat enough. CBD can act as a mild appetite stimulant, making it just a little bit easier to consume what you need.


Nausea: When you push your body too hard, it can be easy to find yourself feeling very nauseous, and this can halt a workout in its tracks. CBD can act as an antiemetic, settling your stomach and getting rid of the sick feeling which will make you want to pack up for the day.

How And When Should You Take It?

The way that you take CBD can have a dramatic impact on the effects which it provides, with most people choosing to consume it with food. The tinctures and edibles from a company like Planet M CBD are perfect for this, as they make it possible to add CBD to just about any meal, without having to take anything too intrusive. This is best for those looking for a range of benefits. If you have an isolated issue to work on, like bruising, using a lotion on the affected area is a great route to take. Your dose will be down to the product you buy, though most people prefer to take CBD after a workout.


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