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Fresh air and CBD seem to go hand and hand lately. More and more people are using CBD, according to a Gallup poll, 14% of Americans reported using CBD. That’s a significant amount of people who are taking CBD for its wellness and therapeutic benefits

Like CBD, fresh air and being one with nature does good for your well being. Especially if you’re staying in Las Vegas, and are starting to be over the glitz, glamour, and neon lights. Your body is likely craving some fresh air and mother nature.

Luckily there’s no better place to experience the great outdoors than in one of the many natural attractions nestled in the mountains, canyons, and valleys just outside of Vegas. Keep reading to learn about seven natural attractions near Las Vegas that are even more soothing with CBD. 

1. Natural Attractions Near Las Vegas: Lake Mead

This beautiful lake is one of the largest man-made lakes in the world. It’s fun to escape here if you want to dive into Lake Mead’s natural body of water that isn’t polluted. This lake escape will feel like an upgrade from crowded sweaty Vegas pool parties. 

You can simply enjoy this lake on its own, or take advantage of Lake Mead’s dinner, brunch and or sightseeing cruises. These cruises are ideal if you’re one of those people who doesn’t like to get their hair wet. If you want an added boost, you can bring along CBD gummies to enjoy while on the lake.

Also fun fact, this lake borders on the Hoover Dam, so you can conveniently take in two attractions in nature on the same day. 

2. Mount Charleston

Believe it or not, there actually can be green near deserts like Las Vegas. Head north with smoking some trees, and take in the majestic green trees at Mount Charleston. You can cool down as this area is usually twenty to thirty degrees cooler than Vegas. 

Here you’ll find that every season brings a unique experience to this mountain. Be it a cool escape in the summer, or traveling to a snowy wonderland in the winter. These mountains provide a clear change in season that is usually not found in the Mojave desert near Las Vegas. 

Here you can take in the spring wildflowers and celebrate fall foliage on a perfectly seasonal hike. Throughout the year you’ll find public programs and local businesses that specialize in seasonal offerings.

Enjoy Mount Charleston’s hiking trails, or go to the campgrounds for overnight wilderness action. There’s also a lodge if you prefer to be by but not in nature. 

3. Red Rock Canyon

You’re going to want to bring your camera and get your hike on for this breathtaking canyon, that as its name suggests, is indeed red. If hiking high sounds like a nightmare, you can saddle up and take the beaten path on horseback to enjoy all of this canyon’s hidden wonders. 

Or if you want to take a little of Vegas with you to the canyon, you can hop into an exotic car and ride around the canyon in style. No matter what you choose, you will feel one with nature in this desert beauty of stunning shades of red just fifteen miles from Vegas. 

Here you will find joggers, rock climbers, hikers and sightseers taking in the wildlife of burros, coyotes, rabbits, red-tailed hawks, bighorn sheep, hummingbirds, golden eagles, bobcats, and mountain lions. Take in all of this incredible wildlife and you’ll feel like there’s no better place to be on this earth. Feel a little sore after your hike? Try a CBD tincture to help you feel back to normal.

4. Spring Mountain Ranch State Park

If you’re looking for an attraction that is somewhat, but not entirely outdoorsy, you’re going to want to check out Spring Mountain Ranch State Park and take a load off. This state park is perfect for those summer days where it’s too hot to function.

Here you can take in night hikes where you can enjoy a stunning view of the stars. This is a perfect date night activity, as you make a wish upon a star with your date. This park not only has great outdoors, but there are also tours, musical theatre and old memorabilia. 

Spring Mountain Ranch State Park gives you all the perks of the great outdoors, without the feeling like you are stranded and off the grid. 

5. Valley Of Fire

Don’t worry, this valley is not on fire. Even though at times you may feel like it’s on fire as this valley brings on the heat. Here you will find the most breathtaking views that are all entirely natural, a phrase you won’t hear a lot in Vegas. 

Go ahead, take in this land formed by the oldest rocks known to mankind. 

6. Zion National Park

This national park is great if you’re an intense hiker or want to up your hiking game. This park is about two and a half hours from Vegas, but it’s worth the trek for these sights and hikes. But come prepared because there’s even one hike that has you treading through miles of water. 

This hike is not for beginners. Make sure you have that waterproof phone case because you will want to snap these breathtaking shots. If you don’t, no one will believe this picturesque view is real.

This park also has a stunning assortment of trees and wildlife you can take in. This might be a better speed for you if you’re looking for a more subdued hiking experience. 

7. Grand Canyon

If you still haven’t explored one of the seven natural wonders of the world, now is the time. People travel from all over the world to take in this stunning canyon, that is not too far from Vegas.

Here you’ll find a ton of activities you can do like taking a helicopter ride over the top. You’ll want to take it all in, but be careful not to fall in when taking a selfie

Explore These Natural Attractions Today 

Now that you know about these seven natural attractions near Las Vegas, make a plan to see these breathtaking sights. And great for you, our premium CBD can be found very easily in the valley. So you can pack your favorite products on your next hike or sightseeing excursion. Make sure you do all your research before so you’re ready with any equipment you might need. For more insight and resources on CBD in Las Vegas, find us at one of these locations!

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