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The CBD phenomenon cannot be ignored. Millions of people coast to coast are now incorporating CBD products into their lives. If you’re looking to join the revolution, it’s vital that you find the best CBD products for your lifestyle.

After all, no two people are the same. The following tips should help you discover the right option or your specific requirements.

CEO: CBD Isolate Tincture 

Being a CEO is a 24/7 job. The stresses of running a company and managing your employees can take a toll on even the most level-headed CEOs. We recommend our CBD Isolate Tincture, it’s the ideal choice as it may change your psyche to help you relax without producing a high. Simply place a dose under the tongue for one minute before swallowing to help manage the stresses of your day. As a CEO, tinctures are great for being discreet about your consumption and can help during those times you need an extra boost in the office!

Athlete: Cooling CBD Balm 

Putting your body through physical stress never gets easier, which is why you need to protect your muscles and promote a better recovery that’s free from any discomfort. Our Cooling CBD Balm can be applied directly to the skin for an instant cooling sensation that will kickstart the recovery process. Need a way to help cool down after a long workout? Studies show that CBD may improve sleep patterns too. 

On-the-Go Mom: Multivitamin Gummies

As a mom with a hectic schedule, you don’t have the time to sit around and wait. That’s why you will need a CBD product that can be taken on-the-go for immediate benefits whenever and wherever you are. Our Multivitamin CBD gummies can be taken quickly and discretely any time of day. They are packed with the essential vitamins a busy mom needs plus a dose of full-spectrum CBD oil, just make sure you keep them away from the kids at all times. Having trouble meeting new people or nervous to be around crowds of people? CBD also fights social anxiety, which is a common issue that affects many new parents.

Hair Stylist: Lavender Bath Bombs

After a day of cutting hair and making conversation with every client, a little personal relaxation in the evening vital. The Lavender CBD bath bomb is a particularly good option as the hints of lavender encourage you to sleep better. The non-psychoactive CBD means they are a safe way to see subtle changes while the use of a bath bomb is perfect for those who work long hours standing on their feet.

Grad Student: Lemon CBD Tincture

Starting your career following University is hard and stressful, especially when combined with new responsibilities. Our Lemon Tincture may take the edge off within seconds of swallowing and has a nice zingy taste that makes you feel ready for the day ahead. It can be especially rewarding when entering new and unfamiliar territories that leave you feeling a little uneasy or self-conscious. Students that have encountered issues with sleep after this new endeavor may also see rewards with the use of CBD products.

Retiree: Eucalyptus Bath Bomb

The best bath bomb, such as our eucalyptus-infused option, can simultaneously bring a great blend of relaxation and invigoration. The bath can be good for circulation while CBD ingredients may help with inflammation to make you feel physically and mentally calm. This is particularly noteworthy for those with age-related arthritis. A 20-30 minute bath is all you need!

Musician – Cooling CBD Lotion

Our Cooling CBD Lotion works similar to our cooling balms, they provide an instant cooling sensation to the designated area. As a musician, the lotion can be used on the hands and wrists to calm inflammation or any pains caused by playing, which may also support to remove any threats of future rheumatoid arthritis. The use of CBD products may also ease the tension and mental stress of a straining job such as musician.

Vegan: Orange Creme Vegan CBD Gummies

Your dietary beliefs or requirements should not stop you from enjoying the benefits of the best CBD products on the market. And it shouldn’t prevent you from delighting the taste buds either. Our Vegan CBD Gummies tick all these boxes and can be eaten on-the-go for convenience. They offer the same benefits as non-vegan counterparts and may be used to help fight insomnia, inflammation, stress, or anxiety.

Performer: Natural CBD Tincture

Whether you’re an actor, entertainer, comedian, or guest speaker, our low dosage 250mg  Natural CBD Tincture can be a great way to take the nerves away. CBD tinctures may also fight joint pains that may surface during a long run of performances. By using a low dose, you will retain your energy levels and performance capabilities. The only change is a subtle improvement to your confidence knowing that you can perform worry-free.

Traveler: Multivitamin Gummies

When you are traveling the beautiful nation that is the United States, it’s vital that you have a CBD product that offers convenience and quick results. Our Multivitamin Gummies are a great option, although you will need to check the legalities in each state and territory that you intend to visit. Travel can be stressful, and this is the most common reason why you may want to try CBD edible gummies. You can easily toss them into your pack or suitcase for a stress-free trip!

The Final Word

CBD products are now available in many forms, meaning that there is something for everyone. At Planet M, we created a convenient product list that allows you to try CBD at your own pace and your preferred method. Partner yourself to the right product for your lifestyle, and it may become the secret lifestyle management tool you’ve been searching for.

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