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The rise in popularity of CBD is unquestionable. More and more places are offering CBD-based products or CBD oils which are commonly used in everything from vaping to edibles, but with such easy access to CBD it begs the question; are they legitimate? The price of CBD oil can vary greatly depending on the source, where it’s purchased and also the brands. For instance, the best CBD brands that offer premium-quality products are often more expensive than the bottles of CBD that you find in a gas station or convenience store, but is there enough of a difference to make you think twice about what you purchase?

While the research and studies suggest that CBD can provide health benefits, there will ultimately be some doubts due to the number of fake CBD products on the market that are popping up. So in this article, we’re going to detail the significant differences between premium-grade CBD and lower-quality CBD oil that you can purchase from gas stations and “CBD stores”.

The amount of CBD in the product

One of the biggest differences between premium-grade CBD from the best CBD brands and the unknown names found in retail shops that usually boast signs saying “CBD Found Here”, is the amount of CBD content inside of the product. For example, some of those cheap “CBD” products are often known as “snake oil” products which do not have the claimed amount of CBD or have higher delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels which is not desirable for most use cases where CBD oil would be used. This is because THC is the compound that adds the psychological effects to marijuana whereas CBD is what offers the benefits. Having an imbalance in the CBD product means that it won’t provide the expected positive effects of CBD and instead, cause psychological effects that are often seen when smoking recreational cannabis.

There are also FDA regulations that specify how much THC a product can contain before it is considered a controlled substance under federal law. As long as the concentration of THC is no higher than 0.3% on a dry weight basis, it isn’t considered a controlled substance and can be legally sold as a CBD product.

However, despite this clear rule by the FDA, it doesn’t guarantee that all CBD manufacturers will honor it. In fact, many snake oil CBD brands will show large percentages of CBD content in their products and low THC content in order to avoid the eyes of authorities, but there’s no telling if the product has been tested correctly. If the brand isn’t reputable or recognizable, then it can create a whole new set of issues that make it incredibly worrying to purchase CBD oil from a gas station or convenience store. That’s why purchasing CBD products from a reputable CBD brand is the best way to ensure that you’re getting a safe and tested product.

Why purchase Planet M CBD?

Planet M is one of the most well-known brands that offer safe and third-party lab-tested CBD products with significant advantages over “gas station” CBD.

For starters, we follow the FDA regulations and ensure that our products contain less than 0.3% THC content. This is verified by an independent third-party lab and not just a label that we add ourselves. Thanks to this third-party testing, we can offer our customers peace of mind when they purchase our products. We also list every single ingredient in our CBD products, setting us apart from gas station CBD which might only list “CBD” as an ingredient to trick consumers into thinking that their products are pure and safe to use.

At Planet M, we advertise our CBD products as safe, legal, and premium because it’s what they are. We use the finest production processes to ensure that our CBD-based products are safe to use and we go through the proper procedures to ensure that the THC levels are within the levels set by the FDA. Every product has labels to give customers all of the information and details they need which helps to reassure them and offer peace of mind.

So the next time you plan on purchasing any CBD-based products, consider buying it from the best CBD brands that have a reputation. When it comes to products that are new and rising in popularity, there are bound to be snake oil varieties sold everywhere from gas stations to convenience stores which could contain harmful chemicals and are ultimately dangerous to use. When you purchase CBD products from Planet M, you’re guaranteed to get a safe and well-tested product.

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